MOTIVUS delivers necessary and customized solutions by breaking the practice of existing services.
We carry out practical and helpful consulting for our client’s business.
You can get a result available to be used directly.

01 Strategy Support for R&D

  • · Support a highly competitive R&D strategy by dealing with IP information and technologies
       from the business perspective
  • · Discover creative R&D subjects and views and then lay the foundation to promote them

02 Predicting Innovation

  • · Draw insights from an innovative technology and a creative company
  • · Establish a strategy for tech-based investment, a collaborative network, M&A and licensing

03 Analyzing Trend & Competitiveness

  • · Analyze a current competitiveness on the topic of a target company and technologies and
       then provide support to ensure and enhance competitiveness
  • · Regular reporting with the use of a powerful tool and strategy support to swiftly respond
       to the trends

04 Dispute Prediction & Prevention & Resolution

  • · Predict and prevent disputes by analyzing a disputable NPE and a standard essential patent
  • · Build a strategy to prevent and settle disputes by establishing R&D strategies, designing
       avoidance and predicting the trends

05 Optimizing IP Portfolio

  • · Check a currently holding IP portfolio and draw the way to complement and enhance its
  • · Design an IP portfolio encompassing overall R&D and commercialization roadmap
  • · Devise a strategy of minimum costs to get the upper hand and take the most advantage of IP

06 Technology Transfer & IP Asset Realization

  • · Assess the value on single IP (Technology) or IP (Technology) group, and the relative position
       in the market
  • · Support an effective technology transfer based on experience in acquisition (Licensing In) and
       marketing (Licensing Out) cases
  • · Support IP-based finance use and investment promotion